Lava Ultimate restorative is the world's first resin nano ceramic CAD/CAM restorative material . Nanotechnology and proprietary heat treatment give it a composition that's differient from light-cured or self -sured composites , resulting in unique properties :

- High flexural strength (200MPa) adds durability to posterioer restoration .
- Excellent wear resistance .
- Brilliant and long -lasting polish 
- Excellent stain resistance for color stability .
- Nearly 80% wt Nano ceramic and nearly 20% wt resin 

Indications :
   - Crown and Crown over implant.
   - Inlay or Onlay


                                              Crown of Lava Ultimate 

                                                            Lava on implant

                                          Brigde with Lava Plus

Lava Ultimate and Lava Plus


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